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Turning every Indian women into the ‘Shakti’ she is

Srishti Sharma

– Founder & CEO of ‘Shakti’

Srishti is a serial entrepreneur and a social activist . She is a believer and comes from a school of thoughts where women don’t need to be

She holds 10+ years of experience in building companies in foodtech , healthcare , gaming and in the social entrepreneurship phase. Spending almost a decade in ideation, management, finance, fundraising and operations for multiple ventures .

She is an active voice in the social space as well . has founded various non profit ventures like Kilkari and Rehmat working on rehabilitation of manual scavengers and providing free education to under privileged kids and building 18 school structures

Dr Rashi Joshi

An innovative entrepreneur, business developer and business strategists with diverse experience of building businesses from scratch!

Chandan Tiwari

Chandan Tiwari is a dedicated Social Worker and Serial Entrepreneur, serving as the Founder & CMO of Entrepreneurial Development Council. With roles as a Mentor at Startup India, Mentor of Change at Atal Innovation Mission NITI Aayog, and Mentor for MicroMentor-USA, Chandan is committed to nurturing entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurial Development Council fosters a supportive ecosystem for startups to flourish, where aspiring entrepreneurs can experiment, learn, and grow amidst challenges. Chandan’s extensive mentoring experience includes guiding over 50,000 students and 2,000+ startups, spanning across 70+ universities. His passion lies in empowering individuals to embrace risk, learn from failures, and elevate their entrepreneurial journeys to new heights.

She is a 5 times TEDx speaker, josh talks speaker and a renowned voice in the field of women upliftment and empowerment.

She has multiple records and scholars under her name in the field of business and leadership . Some of them are -
Young achiever 2019 awardee , Indian icon leadership 2019 awardee, ex emplary performer of the year 2019 , Indian leadership awardee 2018 and 'Distinguished women entrepreneur of the year ' 2019!

Humbled to be recognised as Asia’s most innovative women entrepreneur of of the year 2020 by Yeforum ! Also Listed as ‘Most successful female entrepreneurs of India‘ now converted into a book !

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