Pre Book Now | Shakti – A Women Safety Wearable


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Shakti is a women safety wearable that is a defensive accessory when in use fashion accessory / bangle when not.

Shakti is a women safety bangle that assists women safety to a user in 2 ways –
1. It electrifies an attacker when the user turns the button attached ‘ON’ and releases a small non deadly current when comes in physical contact with the attacker while keeps the user safe due to its insulation inside
2. It immediately sends your last detected live location to your nearby top 3 contacts via WhatsApp and text message.

Both these features can be regulated via an on/off button . The wearable discharges a non deadly square current which is well within the safety limits and is user friendly .

The idea is just to scare away the attacker and increase the ‘escape time’ to seek help !